“WOW, good for you Aura. These are absolutely wonderful drawings!”


“I sure would love to come and see your exhibitions! Your paintings are so beautiful! All the details!”


“Congratulations on your multiple successes as a visual artist!!”


“Congratulations. Your drawings are very beautiful.”


“I visited your website - OH WOW!!! You have been incredibly blessed with an overabundance of talent. That is some of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen. I'm in awe of your talent, and apparently a lot of others are also. You are an artist in the highest sense of the word!!!!!”


“It’s hard to choose because all your drawings are so beautiful!!! You are doing very good work!!!”


“Thank you very much for this superb drawing; I must admit that I am impressed by your great artistic talents.”


“Congratulations on your beautiful botanical drawings. They are all so very beautiful that it’s difficult to decide. My best wishes in your pursuit of this adventure.”


“Your drawings are all very, very beautiful.”


“Wonderful Aurafidélité! Congratulations on being the featured artist, well deserved as your work is just superb, the shapes, tones and light you bring into these pieces really shows the mastery of your work and ability as an artist.”

Artiste Aurafidélité Arindam



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